Many don’t realize it but the Apostle Paul was the first “born again” Christian. The other Apostles lived with Jesus and came to believe in Him thru actual experience. Paul like we Christians today experienced the same Spiritual rebirth the same way we do. That is by the direct revelation of faith thru His Holy Spirit. This is God’s deposit in us signifying the beginning of our direct relationship with Him and enables us to know and do His will. Oddly enough when this happened to Paul he was in an isolated place on his way to Damascus. And, even more oddly he didn’t go running to the then Apostles in charge. Instead, the Bible says in Galatians 1:17, he went to Arabia or directly to the desert to commune with the Lord free from interference and distraction from other experts in religious matters. Thus he got the whole truth and nothing but the truth from Jesus directly. Aren’t we glad! This faith sustained him thru the hardest and most brutal of life experiences. He had desert faith. He didn’t need constant reassurance from others. He had no radio, TV, religious publications, sermonettes, revivals, church planning programs or counseling for three years at least. However today many Christians find it difficult to get from Sunday to Sunday with their faith still intact. Maybe we can’t allow Jesus to guide and sustain us instead of leaning on the faith of others for support, but again that calls for desert faith.

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